Poop Emoji Pillow

Who doesn’t love the Poop Emoji? No kid I’ve ever run into! My 8-year-old came up with this idea to make for her brother for his 15th birthday. That age is hard to buy for..they just want cash. Since he knew he wasn’t going to get a lot of cash out of his youngest sister… he was very happy with his super soft poop pillow and it’s great on his bed. Little E made this on her own. She does have some sewing experience, but, I promise you that this is a great beginner project as well. My main advice is to use a walking foot. Fleece is a great fabric to teach with, but the walking foot makes it even easier. If you don’t, that’s OK, just pin well.


I don’t have a pattern because all we did was look at a picture on the phone and draw it out on large brown paper. I use the paper that my boxes from Amazon come with for all my patterns. I’m not saying that I’m a hoarder… just that I can’t bring myself to toss out such big pieces of paper.  (disclosure.. this post includes affiliate links to Amazon.and I’m slightly addicted to my Prime account)


1/4 -1/2 yard brown fleece depending upon the size you wish to create.

Scraps of white and black fleece.

Polyfill to stuff the pillow

Sewing machine and thread.


  • Trace out your picture to whatever size you would like. It’s nothing fancy.
  • Place the paper on top of 2 pieces of brown fleece. The 15″ pillow she made used about 1/4 yard. I’d get 1/2 to be safe and of course, the stash shouldn’t get low. This is a link to some on Amazon.
  • Cut two white ovals for the eyes and a white mouth…guess at this based on what looks good on your cut-out picture.
  • Cut 2 circles for the inner eyes.
  • Cut both layers out of the brown fabric at one time.
  • Place the eyes and mouth on the right side of one of the pieces of brown fleece where you want them to be and pin.
  • Stitch around the outside of each piece.
  • Place the face side of the brown fleece down onto the right sides of the back side of the fleece and pin.
  • This is where the walking foot comes in handy..but isn’t a must have..really, don’t worry about it if you don’t have one. Just pin very well. Stitch around the outside leaving about 3 inches at the bottom to turn your pillow right side out.



Enjoy your Poop Emoji and post pictures when you are done..we would love to see it.

If you don’t want to make one….here is one made for you…