Oatmeal Bar and Sleepovers

One thing about kids….boys in particular… is that they wake up hungry! We try to eat a lot of Old Fashion Oatmeal for breakfast. My kids love it, so I figured it might work for sleepovers too. It was a hit. I was actually told that I made the best oatmeal ever! What Mom doesn’t love to hear that? Granted, it’s oatmeal and I can’t take any credit for it…still.. I’ll take a complement when it comes. It was all in the presentation.

oatmeal bar

This was our selection for the morning:

Cut bananas and strawberries
canned peaches  ( a huge hit!)
brown sugar
almond slivers (my favorite)

That’s it. Super easy. All I had to do was cook the oatmeal and the kids did the rest. I like the easy part. I really didn’t feel like making a million pancakes…because when you have 5 hungry boys that’s how many pancakes you need….a million. Oatmeal…much easier:)

gypsy as a puppy sleepy

Is breakfast ready yet Mom?