Candy Corn Tubes

It’s time to make Fall crafts….the BEST time of year! I know that I complain about the cold, but the start of Fall makes me so excited about the next 6 months of craft studio time. Some people in upstate NY love winter because they can play in the snow. Not us…I don’t leave the house in the winter. I love the winter because I have such a great excuse to stay in my studio. I would literally NOT leave my studio for 6 months if my family didn’t make me sometimes. My little E (or Mini Me as she is sometimes called) loves the studio as much as I do.  I have to search the internet every day to find her crafts. If you follow my Pinterest board, you would see many pins that I don’t actually pin myself…my account often gets hijacked by my little super pinner.

This is craft she found at one time. I’ve gone back to look and now I can’t find it. It drives me crazy when pins disappear! Does anyone else feel that pain?

I didn’t take photos of the step by step process, but you can see how simple this is.


Pinch the ends of the toilet paper tube in opposite directions….pinch one end, rotate 90 degrees and pinch the other end. I used a stapler to secure them.

Paint the white, orange, and yellow (or brown if you go for the brown ones…) in stripes. We used some of our over-abundant craft paint selection. You can find the bottles at Wal-Mart for 2 /$1 sometimes.

Once they dry and your little one washes their hands..and face..and maybe changes their simply glue on some googly eyes. (Awesome find at the Dollar Tree)

That’s it…make up a few and put them in a basket for a display.  It’s fun to make up a few at one time because the dry time is pretty fast and it keeps little hands moving instead of having to sit there and come back to a project. I find it easier to keep her going so we don’t have a pile of half-finished projects…..I make enough of those myself:P

Have Fun….Happy Craft Season!