Preschool Lesson in Flowers

preschool flower lesson1

What little girls don’t love flowers? Mine are crazy for anything with flowers…they draw them, piece them together, talk to them, and put them on headbands. We love flowers. My Moon Princess is very good with her shapes and is now past this learning activity, however she’d make them every day if I had it set up for her.  She is getting better and better with her ability to cut and place tape.

You know this is a skill if you have ever had your little one stick half of roll of tape to itself when they are unrolling it! Little E is mastering her sizes and following directions….OK, she isn’t really mastering the directions part…but we are working on it.

The pictures tell the story. They loved this craft and had many cute flowers that I will use in a future project for them. I hope your little ones (and you) enjoy this.


presh flow tray1

I like to have the tray prepared for them.

Felt  or construction paper of different colors – prep the shapes a head of time.

Double sided tape ( I use the kind I use to make headbands)  or glue sticks with the paper

About an hour of free time. Really, it took us that long to play with all the color combos before they taped them together.

pre sch flo tray together

The sizes teach the order without you needing to tell them anything.

pre sch flow pin back

We sewed a pin on the back and turned them into accessories for our jackets.

This is a very reusable craft when you use paper and not the glue stick. Little E enjoys stacking the flower shapes and organizing them time after time. She enjoyed sizing up the baby circles and the Momma we say in our house about EVERYTHING big and small:)

pres flow paper tray1

Our prepared tray.

pre sch flo paper tray2

Paper flowers in progress.