My Day One on Day two..cause that’s how I live my life…

I am pretty good at rambling. Ask my family…oh never mind..they won’t hear you. Maybe it’s just me that they don’t hear.

“It’s time to eat”

“Get off the computer”

“brush your teeth”

“Help, there is a fire breathing dragon in the living room!”

No response… 5 other people live in this house with me…no response.

“Who want’s ice cream?”

Bang, wham, shazam…I’m surrounded.

This is the life of a Mom. I complain sometimes. Frankly, I enjoy complaining about it sometimes if someone is willing to listen. That’s kind of tough since being a stay at home mom makes it very easy to go very long stretches of time without speaking to another grown up except for my dear husband..who doesn’t honestly share my love of sewing, crafting, or writing. We talk about all the other stuff, but we don’t talk about my interest nor sports. There’s some big game thing going on with college basketball or baseball or something like that right now. OK, so I don’t talk about stuff he likes either so I shouldn’t complain.

This brings me to why I have fallen in love with blogs. I LOVE reading blogs! I follow a lot of them and I surf around from Pinterest a lot every day. Reading some of these blogs really let me feel that I’m part of this bigger group of women that may not have a lot of coffee talk with other adults going on in their days either.

We keep busy making crafts with our kids, teaching them the alphabet, sewing, trying to make healthy food for our families, we try to save money and make money, decorate our homes, figure out tricks to get our kids to do chores, and most of all WE are sharing part of our lives with others from our very own homes. I LOVE blogs!

This is for Blogging University Writing 101..and it was kind of 20 minutes between distractions. (if that is a hair ball I’m just walking away….)