Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Our Zoo Membership always gives us something we can do when the weather seems perfect and we just want to get outside. What I love about the membership is that we can go for just an hour and feel that we don’t need to stay any long to get our money out of it. I’m sure you know what I mean. We have a small zoo, so you can be done seeing everything pretty quickly. I made up this scavenger hunt to try to engage the kids a bit more than having them just run to the playground.

I just made this up in Word and added a few clip art pictures since one of the kids coming with us was younger than the rest and I wanted to make sure she didn’t feel left out since she isn’t reading like the other kids. I ended up with 7 kids…..2 were my own, 3 were neighborhood playmates and thankfully a friend came with her two kids. It’s always nice to have an adult to talk with! That doesn’t always happen in my life.


This is just a little thing, but I’ve attached it in case anyone would want it. It’s tailored to our little zoo, so it’s really meant to give you an idea since you’ll have to put clues in for whichever animals you have. I was trying to pull in some zoological terms as well as something for the imagination. We have a nature path that I was hoping they would pay attention to by finding bugs and leaves to slow them down a bit. It’s usually a mad run through to the end and they don’t have time to feel like they are in the woods. This really worked.

If I was doing it again, (and I will….they LOVED it!!! Really, I was so happy and felt like it was a “good mom” moment) I would add a bit more to include some type of activity. Like…maybe have them skip past the Gibbons or something like that.

This printable has two scavenger hunts on one paper…because I’m cheap with my paper and thought it would be easier for the kids to hold on to. I brought markers because they can write in any direction and were better for the younger hands. The kids I had with me were all 4 to 8 years old. Honestly, it was a huge hit:) (happy dance)



Link for printable..Zoo Scavenger Hunt