Yes! I get to poop in a box…and why you should too!

I’m going to divulge to you something that I hate to admit to myself…I’m 50…almost 51. There is good and meh about that. The good is that I’m more secure in my own skin than ever before. I’m thankful more every day for every moment. I don’t stress about the silly things that I used to when I was younger. (although I do worry about the wrinkles around my eyes) Now that I’m a member of AARP, I got a free donut today with my coffee. The bad thing is that the nice young man at Dunkin, just told me that they are doing away with that this month. That’s a bummer. I just got my card and that’s one reason I was excited.

Ok, back to the poop thing. My husband is 6 months older than I am… so last year he got to go under the scope with the colonoscopy. I took him, waited, and then fed him really well after the whole thing was over as he was starving from having to clean out his system for the procedure. Yes, we know this is something you HAVE to do when you turn 50. Rites of passage type of thing we figured. But, it didn’t look fun.

Not anymore!!! Woohoo! I wasn’t looking forward to my turn and I just got back from my annual check with my Dr. knowing that she was going to sign me up. First, I want to say that I love my Dr. (She’s actually a PA, which is better in my book.) She is the best Dr. type that I have ever had and I’m glad that I found her about 7 years ago. She’s young and on top of things.  “She” is a “she”. I’m a woman, I want to talk to another woman that listens like a woman. No offense…

pexels-photo-360624.jpegI don’t have to have the colonoscopy. I am of average risk. That matters also. Now, all I have to do is poop in a box and mail it to a lab! I’m sorry I’m so excited about this. I really wasn’t looking forward to the working up to the colonoscopy with all the laxatives and runs to the bathroom. I’m not knocking that… it’s for our own good and EVERYONE needs to have their colon checked! I’ll mail someone my poop to not have to do that anytime!

I’m totally not profiting from this… but I want to tell anyone who may not know. There is a test they prescribe called Cologuard. It has the same accuracy as the traditional colonoscopy. It detects any kind of enzyme given off from any cancerous or precancerous cells. Research is amazing! Most commercial insurance does cover it, after all, it’s a lot cheaper for them. I also just read that that includes Medicare for most states. You do need to ask your provider. The test is $649 without insurance, but your Dr. will set that stuff up. The Dr. is also the one who will order the test for you and have it shipped to your home. It’s kind of like the 23 and Me test…with poop instead of spit;) Don’t make that mistake…hehehe..sorry☺

Here is the link to the company called Cologuard… again, I have no affiliation with them, but for your own research so you can ask your Dr. Some Dr.s are a bit behind the times you know. Don’t get me started there….

I hope this helps someone and prevents anyone from putting it off because of the discomfort… that excuse is now gone. If you are 50 and over…get your colon checked!

Since I mentioned 23 and Me, I’m going to include my referral link. We have really enjoyed the information and have had a lot of fun with it. The boys like to argue who has more Neanderthal in them. Boys are funny. My son also knows now that he is less likely to go bald in his older age. To him, the test was worth it just knowing that. The boy does have beautiful hair.

Link here for 23andme if you are curious too….we love it. You never know what you may find out.

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