Fleece Harry Potty Ties

I wanted to throw this out there as an easy addition to your little one’s Halloween costume or for a spur of the moment Harry Potter Party (which happens more often than I had thought!)  You can see it really isn’t more than cutting and a few runs through the machine. The stripes could just as easily be hand sewn or even glued. That tacky glue would be perfect for this.ties

Little E and Moon sewed and cut these themselves. They are to the point where they want to do everything…and I let them:) They especially love any chance to use the sewing machine. I love letting them work with fleece (and felt) since it doesn’t need hemming. It’s a nice fabric for beginners. (fyi…felt would work fine for this also)

The fleece stripes are just cut on the slant and attached to the fleece tie. We leave the tie shape larger and trim it all after the stripes are sewn on to give it a crisper line…because sometimes things get crooked…but that’s OK.

We just use a safety pin to pin these onto a shirt and the poke out nicely under the cape. I’ll try to get that tutorial up soon..

I hope your little one enjoys the project. We have built up our stash of Harry Potter outfit accessories a good bit around here. You really never know when you have to go in character.

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