College Bound Potato Bag

Yes, I’m sending a potato bag to college. It happens to be going with my son…who happens to eat a lot of potatoes.  I am trying to get a head start on preparing for his step into the collegiate world, (if that is possible) this Fall. I wanted to get this tutorial out there now because these little bags also make nice gifts for a kitchen basket. I would pop them into a basket with some matching potholders and tea towels. I would like that gift. (I’ll have a tutorial on cloth reusable paper towels that I LOVE soon that would also be great in the basket.)


This potato bag is super easy. I have a few tips that I have found really helpful and a HUGE warning to use the right thread!! I made one of these for my mother and didn’t know (or think) at the time to use 100% cotton thread. I almost burnt her kitchen down. (sorry Mom) Polyester thread will burn..melt..stink.

I have used all-purpose thread for some of my hand warmers and neck heating pads. Those things aren’t in the microwave for very long. I’ve decided to not take any more chances and bought a stash of cotton thread when there was a 50% sale on Notions as Joann’s. (it gave me an excuse to “stock up”….know what I mean fellow sewing supply hoarders collectors;) )


  •  2 pcs of cotton fabric 10” x 18”
  •  1 pc of Natural batting 10” x 18” ( you could go up to 1” smaller…but you could also “miss” the stitch and have some bunching…I just keep it easy and cut it all at once.)
  • 100% cotton for all things that will be heated..fabric AND thread!

Place the printed fabric with right sides together.

Make a sandwich with the two pieces of fabric facing each other and Place the batting on top.


Fabric facing each other and cotton batting on top.

Pin or clip. Fold sandwich in half and clip off the outer corner of one side to create the V. (some people keep it squared up…that’s fine also.)


Stich around the outside leaving the end of the V or about 2 “ open.


Turn right side out so the printed fabric is on both sides. Use a pointer thing (I’m so technical) to push out the corners.


I don’t top stitch and close the hole until I fold it into a bag except for the bottom end of the rectangle.

Fold the bottom of the bag up 1/3 and pin the sides.


Here is a minor tip that might help…the corners are a bit bulky and it’s hard for my machine to get started and to back stitch without getting stuck. I start just up about ¼” from the bulkiest part of the seam and then I’m able to back stitch back enough to grab the corner. If it’s at a spot that you are going all the way around, then just save it for the end.

Stitch around the two sides. This is when I stitch all the way up and around and close the end. This causes a little less bulk, but that’s just what I do. I also go over the sides that make up the bag again with a small zig zag. No one wants a seam to blow out.


Place your washed potatoes with a few fork pricks in the skin into the bag and follow the directions for your microwave. Leave the potatoes in the bag a few minutes after the time is up to make sure they are done and to cool off a bit. They are HOT!


Send one off with your kid for use with the kitchenette in the dorms and you’ll probably end up washing it when they bring home the laundry. I’m also sending him off with an electric teapot that shuts off by itself… we like our tea in this house. Is anyone else getting ready send off a kid next Fall? It’s like I’m afraid he’ll be without food and tea once he leaves. Yes, I’m totally freaking out already! What if he starves without me???





6 thoughts on “College Bound Potato Bag

  1. As a 2-time college mom now, I can remember very clearly the anxiety of all the “what ifs” and packing a bunch of “just in case” items. But be careful! Half way through my middle daughter’s freshman year – she brought back half of what I sent with her. She said she took it because she thought it made me feel better but she just didn’t have room and didn’t use it.
    I felt horrible! I pushed my anxiety about her going away on her and she didn’t need half of the things I sent for “just in case” that I thought were brilliant. So we made a pact to always be honest about what our needs and expectations are from now on, even if we don’t think it’s something the other person really wants to hear – just be gentle in the approach and it’ll be fine. 😉 We’re now closer than ever and she has grown so much its astonishing! Just cherish every moment you get to talk to them. That’s the best advice I can give you and make it count. Make it real!

    • Thank you..good advice. They did say that we could get the microwave/fridge for his room, but I’m going to hold off….even though the boy really does love his baked potatoes:) My thought is that he may tend to stay in instead of going to the dining hall. I think I’ll wait for him to ask for things. The great thing is that he will only be 1 1/2 hours away from me…so I keep telling myself that I’ll get through this. He’ll be fine, it’s me:( I’m going my best to fake it for his sake.

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