Snowman Pillow

Snowman pillows are an awesome project for young or new sewers. We love these little pillows. They are like stuffies, except you could really use them as a pillow…they are a great size for the winter car trip. They are all fleece, so super huggable. They are also easy enough to sew to have your young beginning sewer jump in and help or make their own. It is one of the great fabrics for new sewers since you don’t need to finish your seams….and did I mention it’s so huggable?


We make ours about the size of a cereal box. It’s a good size and the template couldn’t be easier.


  • 2 pc of white fleece about 9” X12” plus a small bit for teeth if wanted– this could be bigger of course. Whatever you want.
  • Small bit of orange fleece for the nose
  • Black fleece for the rest of the face.  (Note: If you are like me and have a collection of felt squares, these would work fine for the face…we love our fleece and felt!)
  • stuffing (I buy the big boxes here from Amazon since we make a lot of stuffed things and it’s cheaper to buy in bulk unless you have a good coupon)
  • Template (here)      snowman-pillow-face  (this is the pdf)

Cut out the rectangles of white fleece as well as the face pieces.

Place and pin the face pieces onto one of the white rectangles where you would like them to be. (set the other aside)


Zig Zag stitch around the pieces. (my youngest daughter doesn’t like the zig could straight stitch it since the fleece won’t fray.)


Once the face is stitched on, place the top rectangle face down onto the right side of the other rectangle and pin or clip around the edges.

Stitch around the whole rectangle except for about 2”-3” on the bottom.

Turn right side out and finger press seems.

Poke in the stuffing to fill to the desired squishiness.

Fold the opening closed and pin or clip.

Hand stitch the opening closed.

Snuggle or give as a gift.


That’s it. The face takes a little time, but it’s not so long that they lose interest and it’s one of those projects easy to start and finish in one session. My girls are 7 and 8, so some projects they need more help than others. I did end doing a good bit of the face:)

P.S. if you can’t print the is a jpeg that you could just use to draw out your own….make it up as you go…that’s how we live around here;)


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