Easy DIY Baby Blanket and Burp Cloths


Flannel and Fleece are lovely to work with and so comfy for baby. Three Mom’s to Girl Scouts in my troop have had babies in very short succession. I wanted to make them something nice. This project has been great for me. I ended up extending my tool box and playing with my machine a bit:) aka…spending money on my studio..

I found this fabric at Joann’s on sale. They have 60% off fleece sometimes and I take advantage of that! I wish I had gotten more! I’ll wait for the next sale. I love this nursery fabric…soooo soft.



I packaged them together with 4 blankets and 6 burp cloths. I’ll add in a box of diapers for the gift bag.


I’ve seen that a lot of burp cloths have three layers and are a bit bigger. I went a little smaller, and two layers. I was going to use a cloth diaper for the center, but played around a bit and cut it open….the center absorbing area is white fleece! I soaked different fabrics in water to see what held well. The fleece won. I went smaller (12″) to save on washing. I have also made some “mini’s” about 9″ long. I’ve had four babies…sometimes they spit up just a bit and you just need a little wipe. I’d rather have more small wipes then have to do laundry twice as often with bigger wipes.



I didn’t make these to match..I ran out of elephant flannel:(


Since I’m just using the two layers, this was a quick sew…mostly pinning it seemed. After doing the blankets I found these clips to use for the burp clothes. I love them! I’ve never used clips before but kept seeing them in the videos. Why did I wait so long? I still used pins for the blankets to keep the center from shifting. I was having a hard time with it, so I ended up Googling working Fleece and found that a walking foot was my answer. (I’m not here to sell things..but I was excited to find and use an affordable walking foot!) I had a walking foot for my old machine..sadly it didn’t work on my new Brother. I had to find one with a low shank and then I had to wait about 2 days to finish my blankets. I kept everything on my dining room table…(I know I’m not the only one who takes over the table..;) )

I found it 100% easier to sew the blankets with the walking foot. I didn’t bother with my burp cloths. Since they are small, they went quickly. I did learn that sewing with the fleece side down was a LOT better for me. I also set my stitch length to 3.5 for the first pass.

The process for both is the same since I used 2 layers for the burp cloths. I cut out my desired size and shape. I went with the natural cut of the flannel for the blanket size and matched it to the fleece and cut both at the same time. Good scissors are a MUST! I don’t love cutting fleece. A simple square for the blanket and I drew a bone shape on paper and pinned it to the fabric. I’ve seen directions that place it on the fold. Since I had so much fabric and didn’t want to unwrap the whole thing….I found it easier to layer it and cut the whole shape out. You could simply do a rectangle if you would like.

With RIGHT sides together I stitched with the 3.5 stitch length around the outside keeping about 4″ for the blankets and maybe 2″ for the burp cloths open for turning right side out.

I turned them, closed the opening with a clip, and ironed them all while watching The Bachelor and drinking a glass of wine. I love sewing:)

I top-stitched around the whole outside with a normal 2.5 stitch length paying careful attention to close the whole.


Bam…done. I hope they all enjoy the gifts and I hope you enjoy making some of these for the next Baby Shower you have coming up. It’s nice when you can make them all to match:) New moms always need burp cloths…..

Edit: I wanted to include a link to a sewing challenge I just found..it’s free and it’s through National Sewing Circle..which is awesome:) If anyone else is interested in signing up with me clink the link in text.


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