Ladybug Gems

This is a VERY inexpensive and surprisingly long lasting activity. Little E loves to go back to this craft every once and a while so I keep some gems on hand. She keeps her ladybugs in a small shoe box and they have become well-loved toys.


You do know that ladybugs have very active social lives right? It seems that they have many things to talk about. Who would have known that such an easy craft would turn into such a loved project that gets revisited so often? It’s such a wonderful thing when your kids find something they really enjoy doing. Bonus: I get more work done when they are happy sitting in the studio and not needing my help;)



The shape lends well to ladybugs, but I’m sure your child will have other ideas once you get going. The markers dry so quickly that we never even end up with a mess. Honestly, it’s such a little thing, but like an hour of entertainment.


We have also used nail polish on these when we make jewelry, but the Sharpies are great and you don’t have to really supervise a crafty child.

A small box adds a lot to the activity. You could line it with some felt or other scraps. We have glued on felt circles to the bottoms of some for easy moving on a game board. You could also give them a large sheet of paper to draw a house plan onto or maybe a box on end to build a ladybug doll house…. Start imagining……

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